Introduction and announcement of Gas Land collaboration with Cryeng Group.

Cryeng Group has recently entered into a collaboration with Gas Land Inc in order to supply complete Nitrogen Gas generation systems to the wider global energy companies.  Our position to collaborate with Gas Land came upon the need by Global customers to be supplied with complete turnkey solutions for Nitrogen gas generation systems. With Gas Land' proven record to supply technologically advanced nitrogen gas generation systems and Cryeng' capacity to Engineer and fabricate cost effective "fit for purpose" bulk storage units and Vaporizers, it was only natural to combine forces to deliver technologically superior and efficient systems.

Cryeng has forged an excellent relationship with Gas Land and the two companies share a seemingly increasingly rare business philosophy framed by unsurpassed expertise in our respective fields with an unyielding focus on customer care, service and quality.

Gas Land has been a Bechtel partner for nearly 20 years and Cryeng have delivered many projects for Bechtel also, such as large bulk storage tanks for Ethylene service. Gas land continues to work on the Driftwood Project and by working side-by-side with the Cryeng  we feel that we can raise our performance and customer service bar even higher.

Our combined scope will involve analytical design and Engineering know-how gathered from years of experience and the procurement and fabrication of all components within the nitrogen gas generating systems.

Components will mainly cover but is not limited to ;

  1. 1.Nitrogen Generators. (Membrane and PSA systems)
  2. 2.Bulk Storage tanks (Cryogenic and standard single walled)
  3. 3.Vaporizers and Pressure build circuits
  4. 4.Trim Heaters, economizer circuits, control module skid, spares – start-up.
  5. 5.Specialty tools, etc

We envisage our combined Engineering capacity will design and streamline specialized complete packages for our customers with the end result being cost effective solutions governed by customer process requirements and system inputs.

Gas Land, Inc.Gas Land, Inc.