Cryogenic Road Tankers

Cryogenic Road Tankers

Cryeng is a market leader in the design and manufacture of cryogenic road tankers. Using SolidWorks 3D CAD design software and Finite Element Analysis we can provide optimised design solutions to meet even the most demanding client specifications. In addition, our utilisation of 3D CAD models means that our clients can participate in design reviews from very early in the project lifecycle. This allows us to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs.

We produce tankers:

  • For LIN, LOX, LAR, He, H2, CO2, LNG or Ethylene
  • Optimised to ensure maximum payload
  • With market leading hold time characteristics
  • With customised piping, valve and connection points layouts to suit each client’s site requirements. Utilising:

     o Rear cabinets

     o Underslung cabinets

  • That can withstand tough operating conditions
  • That are fully compliant with all code and regulatory requirements

     o Australian Dangerous Goods Approval (ADG)

     o Australian Design Rules (ADR)

     o AS 2809 Standards

On all of our tankers we offer a range of options tankers including:

  • Transfer Pumps to suit required flow rate and contents
  • NMI approved flow meter and totaliser systems
  • Active earth grounding systems
  • Integrated Emergency Shutdown Systems
  • Dry-break coupling hose connections
  • Running gear suitable for rough operating conditions such as unsealed mine roads

We take pride in providing tankers that meet or exceed all of our client’s requirements and expectations. Our experience in this industry servicing Tier 1 Oil and Gas companies means that we know that quality really counts and we know what it takes to provide it. To us this means:

  • First-rate design
  • Full-compliance with all specifications, codes & standards
  • Quality manufacture, fit and finish
  • Detailed documentation
  • On time delivery
  • Tanker ready for immediate operation
  • Complete customer satisfaction

To speak to one of our engineers about the products or services we can offer to meet your specific requirements please Contact Us

SolidWorks Render of Road TankerSolidWorks Render of Road Tanker

FEA Deformation Output for Road TankerFEA Deformation Output for Road Tanker

SolidWorks ModelSolidWorks Model

Tanker FinishedTanker Finished

43,000L Road Tanker for Wesfarners in service43,000L Road Tanker for Wesfarners in service